Karen has fought hard to ensure Marylanders have quality health care and that patients are put first. She led the way, passing Maryland’s landmark ‘Right to Try’ legislation, which allows terminally ill patients to use experimental treatment options. Karen also championed Frederick Memorial Hospital’s new dental clinic, which expands access to care throughout our community.

Karen understands how national issues such as women’s health and the opioid epidemic can affect us here in Frederick. Karen helped make Maryland the first state in the country to legally protect Planned Parenthood, and passed legislation to help get minors into recovery programs and increase drug awareness in our schools.


Frederick is a diverse economic center and Karen has worked hard to ensure small businesses can continue to grow and people can learn the skills necessary to earn more on payday.

Karen has stood up to end workplace discrimination by supporting equal pay for equal work and has also been the lead sponsor for legislation to end employer salary discrimination. Working families are at the heart of Frederick’s economy and Karen is a proud supporter of the Earned Income Tax Credit that lowers taxes on working families to make life easier.


Karen believes in fully-funding our K-12 education system and ensuring that when ready, those students have access to affordable higher education. Karen has consistently voted in favor of record breaking funding for our schools and for students to be judged on their entire educational record – not solely standardized tests.


Here in Frederick the environment is an incredibly important asset, from Carroll Creek, to the surrounding farmland and the Catoctin Mountains – we have a lot to treasure.

Karen supports protecting our natural resources and maximizing our ability to reduce climate change by shifting our focus to renewable energy. She proudly voted for the Clean Energy Jobs Act to increase Maryland’s dependence on solar and wind technologies and protected our water and air quality by voting to ban fracking throughout the state.

Karen is proudly endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club.


Frederick serves as a hub for the growing economic sector along I-270 and Karen has a plan to ensure vital transportation/infrastructure systems are in place to aid commuters. Karen believes improving transportation begins with smart growth and improving our existing roadways. She will continue to fight for funding at both the state and federal level for projects that will make it easier to get around town and relieve congestion along I-270.


Frederick is a diverse community that prides itself on inclusion and culture. Karen has worked hard to be there for those who need it and make sure that people can achieve justice.  

As a fierce advocate for victims of sexual abuse, Karen led the way in Maryland to ensure rape kit evidence is properly collected and accounted for. She has voted consistently to protect victims of both sexual and domestic abuse and increase penalties for their attackers.

Public safety is essential to our community. Karen supports all of our police, firefighters, EMS, and other brave first responders and wants to ensure they have the tools to succeed. Karen has voted for legislation to improve police training practices and use  Justice Reinvestment to modernize the criminal justice system.